10 things programming teaches us in life

1. That its ok to have compile time failures, but we must always try to keep improving and resolve the issues, to run a program successfully.

2. That even though your program compiles ok, there is no guarantee that you do not run into execution issues. Always expect the uncertainties in life, irrespective of how well prepared you are.

3. That a program never executes before its right time of execution order. Always wait for things to happen at the right time, at the right pace in life. Have patience, and trust it will happen.

4. That no matter how well you write a program, there will be a better way to solve the problem. Always look at your alternatives in life, and choose wisely.

5. That a program never lies. It always shows and does what is expected of it. Even if it is executed a thousand times. A program never shows ambiguous results. Always speak the truth in life, and never lie. Irrespective of the circumstances and hardships you may face.

6. That speed matters. No one chooses a slow running program. We always prefer the fastest and the most accurate version. Always run towards you goals with focus and determination. Do not stay back or quit in your life.

7. That you need to test a program before you ascertain it. Always test your choices and options well before you choose in your life.

8. That a program can be used multiple times across different platforms. Always look to reuse things in your life, and use resources judiciously.

9. That a program can be terminated by hacking. Do not allow external forces to influence you. Do not get hacked in life. Do not heed to others, but make your own path to success.

10. That a program can always be improved with every revision. Keep improving in life, day after day, to endure on your path to success and glory. 

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