The broken slippers

Rahman looked at his slippers. The old white slippers. They have worn out quite a bit now.  Rahman brought it 4 years ago, during the last village fair. 

Pretty little slippers they were, back then. He adored them. They were expensive for him, about 100 rupiah. He earns quite meagrely. Even today Rahman just makes about 60 bucks each day, stitching clothes.  Rahman did not have many pricey possessions in this materialistic world. The slippers were just one of his pricey possessions. He showed them off, to all the people around whenever he went out for a walk. And people admired him for his choice. They were indeed beautiful. 

Rahman needed the slippers not only to walk, but to work on the tailoring machine to use his legs to push the pedal up and down. And thats exactly why Rahman took great care of the white slippers. He used to clear the dirt, wash the slippers every week to keep them clean. Rahman loved his profession, and kept his values in cleanliness. 

Last saturday was quite a rush. Rahman's son Faheem was badly hurt in the school game. He hurt his ankle badly and was bleeding profusely. On hearing the word, Rahman rushed to school, picked up the boy and ran across to the local hospital. Doctor sahib said the boy needed stitches to heal the wound. The child had 9 stitches across the ankle. Rahman soiled his slippers red. And in the rush, the fencing on the path broke the rubber strap on the slippers. The slippers were broken, and drained in blood. He was aghast the way the incident unfolded. He was totally unprepared. How life fools us so quick! The ways of life, you ask....

Rahman had blisters on his foot the next couple of days working on his tailoring machine. He was not able to mend the broken strap and was stuck with the thoughts of his child in his head. He stopped thinking about the slippers for now. He moved on with life, remorse but just waiting in pain to get out of the bad times. He had work to do, and family to take care of. He could not stop working without the slippers. 

After a weeks time, Faheem was able to walk again. Rahman was filled with joy. His precious little boy was smiling and that made his day. He had not seen his little kid smile in 7 days now. Everyone looked at the childs pain, all through the week. It was terrible. But no one did mind to look at the pain Rahman was going through. Rahman was crying in his heart for the pain of his child. And the blisters just got worse. Rahman did not stop. 

The village fair was next year, as the fair is setup only once in 5 years. This was not the year of the fair. Rahman thought about buying the slippers a couple of times, but then, he just could not let go of the old white slippers. He washed them, and put them aside but keep staring at them whenever he passed by.  And smiled. 

Sometimes, such little things in life are priceless and give us more joy, attachment and happiness than the riches of the world. Rahman got more attached to the old slippers with every passing day. How can someone be so mad about something so obvious? Not many can understand. 

The burning blisters became old. Rahman got used to them. And Rahman also got used to the pain. The village fair came and left after an year, but Rahman never brought the slippers again. The old broken slippers, were indeed special..

PS - All names and characters used are fictitious. Please do not identify with them. 

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