Silent Quotes

Miles to drive, nowhere to go... there I see you my friend,on this endless road.

Dancing to the music of life, I 've lost to see the rhythm in my eye.

As you walk in sand and find your feet, there you go on the shadow street!

Beat me , my friend, on this topsy curve.Cling onto the rails of the broken turf!  

Come'th the honor, come'th the joy. come'th the hour on a crystal foy. 

Shadow n substance. All the same. 

And the mountains echoed I must fight, not let go choose my right!! 

Pour on me the drizzles of light, wake me up on the starless nights. 

The suns and moons rise so soon, the glory n fame die so soon. Stay along n sing along, make merry n die along.

The invisible thread off the spiders womb, there I see you hanging on.  

Treasure what you have, love what you can, be what you are.

A Story behind every face, a secret behind every eyes, a truth behind every smile. 

When thy misery shall end on this endless coup, I lay onto thee, the promise true. 

Get me my soul, get me my life, lay onto me, draw me by knife. 

See the light, seek the truth beat your nerves, make your truce. 

the horizons of time, which spill in the light oh, we see you!  

see the line breaks and you ll see the lines

day and night, all be my might be my day, I ll be your night

cuddling you on the sunset view, there you see the day rise new