Conversation with the God

God : Hey Mike, whats up?!
Mike : Nothing much, whats up your end?
God : Hmm, well, nothing much too. Except that, I have bad headaches now a days..
Mike : What? Gods have headaches?!
God : Of course. We move and feel just as you do.
Mike : What are you worried about God? Something seems to be bothering you
God : Well, I am worried. Yes. Lots of things bothering me. I don't find peace now a days.
Mike : May I ask, what then, is it bothering you my Lord? 
God : You are my pretty little child bro, I will tell you for sure. 
God : I have been walking on the planet for a long time now, I have gone across the lands, into the waters, beyond the skies. I have seen it all, I know it all. All of my creation is happy and fine. Except for what is touched by a man.
Mike : Errr, did you say, humans?
God : you are not as foolish as I thought you are..haha
Mike : well..
God : So you see, the problem is, humans have spoilt it for worse
Mike : Thats so embarrassing... 
God : No offence to you, I don't mean to generalise all the humans.
Mike : no its ok, I am just thinking...
God : The need and greed of the humans have spoilt it all..they don't seem to realise. 
Mike : We don't?
God : No you don't. There is devastation all around. Humans have spoilt the oceans with waste and plastic, spoilt the skies with pollution, broken the protective layers to shield the harmful rays, cut down trees, killed animals without reasons, spoiled the ecological imbalance and created suffering all around
Mike : No, but...
God : They have also spoilt their own race. They have not helped each other, they always try to outsmart and out pace the other person. They have no ethics, no values. They need money which is more than anything else for them. More than their own conscience as well.
Mike : Yup, money is important for us.
God : Important, but to what extent? And to which point can you stoop to earn that money? Kill people for money? Cut down forests for money? Spoil the Nature for money? 
Mike : err...
God : But tell me one thing, Mike. After all this, are your happy? Is it worth it? All this meaningless living and trouble you cause to the Nature and to yourselves?
Mike : No, we do have our headaches as well...
God : You have come to being this. You have cause headaches for yourselves and for me. There is no peace. You are restless, and now, so am I. We need to fix this, Mike.
Mike : We are kind of stuck, God. We do not know what else to do. We do what is fed into us. There are corporations which tell us what to do. There is not much of a choice left for us to change, and bring change.
God : You are the change, Mike. Your thoughts are the change. Can you not live more consciously, trying to help others, protecting the Nature, being more empathetic towards everyone and everything around? Is it that difficult, Mike?
Mike : No, I mean we want to change. But can one person bring this change?
God : You have to do your duty, and leave the rest unto me. Live consciously and help others. When you help others, you help me.
Mike: Agreed. But how can I know if what I am doing, is helping the society?
God : Do you really need to? you don't have to know, Mike. As long as your heart and mind are in the right direction, you don't have to worry about the results. Be rest assured, the results will be good. I will take care of it.
Mike : you are a champ
God : well, everyone says so
Mike : Bye God, lets meet again. Same place, a better time. Let me follow this, and share this message across.
God : Cheers mate, see you around for sure. Till next time, bye...
Stay happy and blessed!