7 things cryptocurrency teaches us in life

1. That what goes up, comes down. Similarly in life, you can never have only a happy phase or only a sad phase. This moment too shall pass. The sad endings will give way for a happy beginnings. You just need to keep going, undeterred without losing the focus on your value.

2.  That there are new boys in the corner, every other day. There are new coin offerings every single day, screaming of value and purpose. You must remain calm, and trust in your ability, and have a well defined purpose. If you cannot believe in your purpose, no one ever will. In the end, only the best will stand out from the rest. 

3. That you don't know what you can become. Cryptocurrency, as we speak, is still new to the evolution. We never know what could they come to be, or how much impact they could cause on our society. But, we can be rest assured, that they are going to change the world for sure, and for the better. Even though we don't see the purpose now, we should never give up hope, on what we can become tomorrow.  And should always strive to keep giving our best.

4. That its ok to have a fork. And change directions in life. Bitcoin, I understand, has been forked multiple times, to adopt better memory blocks, enable faster transactions etc. As long as we keep changing directions, to meet our goals, and keep improving ourselves by changing the path, it is ok. 

5. That you may not be listed everywhere. Not everyone accepts you in life. Not all cryptocurrencies are accepted in all the exchanges and all the countries. But that does not change the value of the coins. Similarly, even though you or your thoughts are not accepted by somebody, does not demean you in any way. Your purpose is much more nobler than a third eye. 

6. That when you fall, you rise higher. Every time I see the crypto market crash, I see it only raises back from the lows. There are times when you fall in life, but that should not drop you down. Always lift yourselves up and prove your magic to the world.

7. That everything is not for money. There are many people who have invested in bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, stellar lumens etc just for the pure passion of technology and understanding. Money is not in the equation. They just want to be part of a movement. Similarly, in life, we should do things, which are sometimes meant for our heart. Out of pure passion and love. Not for money. Not for fame.