6 things sports teach us in life


1. That life is a game. Play it with purpose. Win it with a fight or lose it with a grace. 

2. That the game is open till the last moment of the play. Do not stop or rest in the play. Keep moving or you will stay.

3. That end of a game does not mean end of your day. There are better games coming up and better chances in life. Be watchful and grab every opportunity as a new game and keep moving forward.

4. That there are no half chances in a game. Either you win it, or you lose it. Why not, then, play the game, with a conviction of the same. 

5. That you cannot plan your game. Even though you plan your life, it may not turn out to be the same. Whats important is you be aware and conscious in the game. Surprise yourselves with your moves, and keep adopting to the game.

6. That the play depends on the practice for the game. No wonder that a well prepared body and mind, wins the game. So is the case with life. Always be prepared and keep sharpening your thoughts, mind and your body. There is no better force than a happy and trained mind, and a ready body to take on a game. 

You shall win. 

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