Say no to plastic

Hello there, my dear reader. 

Say no to plastic.

You have heard this phrase probably a thousand times. And you have always thought of better alternatives. We have not moved any further.  Seriously.

The devastation plastic brings to this society is huge. We have turned a blind eye to a burning serious issue, which need utmost attention. Plastic is slowly eating away the natural resources in more ways than we see. We have become a plastic society. 

Many countries are yet to take any kind of constructive stance on this. The governments have to move this. So should the people. The UN resolutions will only work if the people start with their effort to save this nature. There is nothing impossible for a collective consciousness of all the people in the world, don't you think?  

So how should we start? 

I remember very clearly, the beautiful days of my childhood. I used to run away at every evening bell, and jump across the colonies, play with the mud, plant trees, roll the ball, sleep on the grass and play with all the friends. Playing with nature was so beautiful, pleasant and peaceful. We were so connected with our surroundings, with our neighbours and with our nature. Somehow the new generation of kids and young adults are never so connected with the roots of nature. They are born in the concrete jungle, play in the air conditioned rooms and fall for all kinds of repercussions from the body. The body was set to let go and be one with the nature. That is our true self, thats in our DNA and something that we should nurture to find the true self and purpose in this world.  

In fact, the kids and young adults I am talking about, have become more abusive towards the nature. My friends throws his trash on the subway, causing discomfort to fellow people. How cool is that? I wonder. I have seen people throwing their waste into the sea, and happily tanning in the sun, on the beach. Abuse the power which cares for you? Can we abuse our Mom and say we are cool? On which earth do we steep to such a low. Its a pity. Every year, we trash about 20 billion water bottles and other bottles into the sea. Every time I see someone throwing their beer can into the vast sea and posts selfies of the beautiful beach, I would like to reprimand them, and comment on their pic with the photos of their trash. I wish I could. Its really annoying and painful. Don't you feel it? How can we be so heartless? 

So back to when I was a child, my mom used her resources with utmost care. She had a beautiful cotton bag, which did most of the grocery shopping for us. She used the grocery bag for almost everything. We never had plastics. We carried eggs in an egg tray. Never in a plastic box. We never had an online shopping, which would deliver the groceries home, along with a trash of a plastic bundle. Never. Things were pretty simple. People were pretty happy. With all the comforts in our life, things have become very complicated. People have become unpretentiously long faced. Forever, that is..

How difficult is it, I ask, to be a little conscious towards this nature? Carrying a simple bag, can save this earth with the curse of plastic. Carrying your own water bottle, instead of buying a new water bottle every single time, will save this earth by generations. Switch to bio degradable and disposable things in our day to day life, instead of using some fancy stuff. But do we understand? Once the society starts to move with this consciousness, the businesses around plastic will also move towards the society. Support bans and movements against plastic, help in the local plastic cleanups in your free time, influence the government policies. Its really not that difficult, trust me.. We have complicated it. 

We are in a time, where we understand space and time, but do not understand our home, our earth. This real beautiful earth, your earth. If only you can own up to it, and say its mine. Our home can become beautiful again.