My way to the door

On my way to the door,
I step back right to the shore,
there was I standing by
but where was I meant to try

On my way to the door,
I went right back to the core,
to the dream of my heart my daze
to the hill of my life to the gaze

Wakeful at thought I stare by
to the broken love of life
watchful as day to stars of my night
helpless as way to the passersby

remorse or true but I move this too
I can fight for the life for it is in you
The glory of lands is what lies due
there you go lad, you can do it too

chase that prick of your life and get it through
make pain your love and so be true
tread on right, tread through the rue
and you shall see how bright, the sword is for you

pity be none when you be so you
have a journey of life, that you will endure
so chase on that life that you always meant to
where else do you find that glory unto

me be found then the day when new
mighty as air, you'd be mysterious too
so fear not a fall thats coming in too
but rise on the chest that can bow it too

wake up son, for this is you,
as I walk through the door, finding it new.