Modern day slaves

Dan was getting late to office. He tucked his shirt as fast as he could, stuffed the sandwich in his mouth, and jumped into the car. He was already running late by an hour. His boss would be furious.

This was the second time in the week, that Dan was late. He woke up late, started late, reached late, stretched till late in the night and barely slept. He was running all day, and probably all night, in the thoughts in his mind. He was always pre occupied with his profession.

The weekends were no breezer as well. It just paused his life a bit, but he was running through the weekends nevertheless. Weekends were meant for household work, supermarkets, veggies, bank work et all. All in all, Dan would get a couple of hours in the day to rest his feet. But he was still occupied in the few hours he got, with all the consulting work he was checking part time.

Dan wanted to earn more, so he started an off shore consultancy, so he could work in his spare time. Now spare time was hard to get, so he freezed the time he got with family, to work on the part time consultancy. Dan did not like the consulting work, but then, you know, like most of you and I, Dan continued to work to pay the bills, and repay the mortgage on the home. 

Dan did not like running either. I mean, the fitness regime for running. Dan made plans to go for a quick jog, every single day as a new year resolution. It was 8 months back. He still repents of taking that resolution. He is still sick of the guilt from the resolution. He just cannot drag himself to a walk or a jog. Dan is busy, or so it seems. 

Dan has a small kid, now turning 15 months. Its nearly time for the montessori, but Dan is yet to plan on it. Dan barely finds time to sit, play and understand the kid. Dan already lost the precious moments because of his occupations. The little kid pulls on Dans hair, but he is frustrated. Dan is busy and frustrated, and misses the childs play. Dan is really serious on his life.

And so goes life...

Dan is living, and thats all there is. He has responsibilities, and yes Dan is a good person lost in the whims of this world. Dan is running after wrong priorities, don't you think?

Don't be like Dan. Loosen the grip on your life, and live joyfully. There is no better tomorrow, and there is no better today. This moment is all there is. Why do we run so much, and for what cause, to whose misery and whose happiness? 

Don't be like Dan. Understand the beauty and meaning of life. Its good to be disciplined, but bad to be a slave to the discipline. Dan is an example of a modern day slave, a term thats catching up so fast. More and more people are becoming Dans, running around all their life, trying to be happy but ending in misery and lost hood. Is Dan really helping himself and the society? I think not.

Prioritise your life. Family, relationships, health, lifestyle, freedom, peace, joy and money in that order. Do not run after things that do not come with you on the death bed, please. You may argue, memories do not with us, as well. But then, memories you cherish are buried in your soul. Remember, they will travel far. Why then run after things that don't come with us, after the passing phase. Think, and act. Stay happy. And...don't be like Dan.