Less is more

Do you have more money? Are you happy? 
If you say you are, I admire you. Congratulations, you have won your life. 

For the others, who are still reading....definitely you are the unhappy lot. 
Why then, are we unhappy, having everything that we ever wanted to?! 

I just read a beautiful quote, "Money often costs too much". How true is that.!

The more we have, the more we yearn for it. We become restless. 

And what do we do with the MORE we have? We waste it. Period.
We do not respect our resources. We do not respect the LESS. But we DESPISE the MORE. 

Bhutan is the happiest country in the whole world. They calculate the gross happiness index, not the economic metrics to measure how well the country is doing. They have the highest respect to preserve and conserve their natural resources and habitats. Its incredible. Once you remove money out of context, life turns out to be beautiful. There is so much to explore, so much to look out for. 

Do not look around to buy and own a piece of land or a home. Instead, make the whole world your home. Such a thought liberates you, and makes you more than you. Suddenly, most of your barriers open up, and you could experience life in an entirely new way. 

We all are here for a limited time. Make sure you do what you love to do. Do not be a modern day slave, serving the fancies of the society. So what, you don't own the luxury car? So what, you don't own that farm house? you could still be happy, believe me.

Life is simple. The society has complicated the measures of quality of life. People are running after false pride, and false expectations. The false and superficial things, do not give us happiness. We need to understand what is real, and hold on to it dearly. Money is an illusion, thats driving the society, do not be trapped to it. Oh yes, you certainly need some money to pay your bills, travel, food etc, but thats about it. How much is needed, is needed. The rest should not be a priority. We should start living a more meaningful, complete life and money is not in that equation.

The less you have, the better. Always teach your children to use what they have, judiciously. Once we have more, we tend to disregard the resources. We have more money, we waste it. We gamble, we mindlessly invest in useless stocks, cryptos etc. We have more food, we waste it. We have more groceries at home, we cook more, we waste more. We have more time, we waste it. Once we know and understand our time in this life is finite, we will start using our resource - time more judiciously. The more we have, the more we waste.

However, if we have less money, we calculate the money we need till the end of the month. We prioritise our needs. We only buy whats necessary. We only eat whats necessary. We do not waste more. We invest the little we have, wisely, in good quality stocks and funds. At the end, we are happier, healthier and focussed.

And its equally applicable to everything we have in life, not limited to money as a resource. We should use every resource available to us, with respect. Every living being in this world, has an equal right on the resources of the planet. Our greed should not destroy the MORE of the resources that are available to us, and waste it. 

This planet does not owe it to us, we owe it to the planet. We need to be responsible, we need to be judicious with our resources. And yes, we need to be happy! Cheers.