A silent conversation

So the story goes..,

A small little girl, Annie was all of four. Always curious and ever so naughty, she was always exploring life in the grandest of ways. And why not, she had a great wisdom coming from her father, Mr nobleman and a successful entrepreneur, one Mr Robert. 

One fine day, bright as ever, the beautiful day was dawn. Annie was playful, and started off with her father for an early morning walk. Mr Robert was a regular for the early morning walks, but Annie accompanied him only when she fancied something new. Curious as ever, Annie was exploring all the plants and trees in the garden, with utmost attention. Mr Robert was lost in thought, he had some important appointments for the day and some major business deals to close on. Annie was not even thinking about the school. She was just lost in the present. Kids teach us so much, to be thankful to every moment in life. Age and responsibilities bring in so much work and thought to the elderly. Just the way of life..

Annie treads onto the inner crossings of the garden, and without watching her father, lingers into the dense part of the garden. Mr Robert, walks past a few meters before realising little Annie was no where behind. He sprints as fast as he can, looking back and forth. He sighs a relief, looking at Annie over the corner of the crossings in the garden. She was still, shocked and crying. Annie jumps and hugs her father, and holds him tight. "The snake", she says. "I have just crossed a snake, daddy", and continues to cry. Little Annie, was terrified. She had to face the snake all alone. Good that she escaped. 

Father was taken back. He quickly scanned Annie's body and checked any traces of scars and bites. How foolish of him to let go of Annie. What was more important to him, than little Annie. Mr Robert was also a bit shaken.

Both Annie and her father, started to walk back home. This time, Mr Robert was holding onto Annie's hand tight and firm. Not to let go again! "Papa, I don't want to go to school today" said little Annie. After the encounter at the garden, little Annie was not ready to face the day. She just wanted to sit down and stick to the walls at home. "Papa, please..!"

Mr Robert smiled. He understood what was running in the mind of his little Annie. They kept walking..

"Look at this little plant, Annie" said father. "This one, the dry little plant. Do you know what plant it is?" he asked. "No papa", said the little girl. They stopped at a point in the garden. Annie thought it was quite an ugly looking plant. She did not like it. And on top of it, it was all dried up due to the summer heat."Its an Aloe Vera plant, baby", replied father. It has lot of medicinal and cosmetic values. A very important plant. You have to go to school today. But remember this plant. I ll tell you why its important to go to school today", he said. Little Annie was confused. How could a small dry plant be of any relevance to the school, she wondered. Nevertheless, she was excited to know. The day was full of revelations, but confusing. First the snake, now the plant and father pushing Annie to school. Annie smiled at her father. Soon after they reached home, Annie quickly dressed up, had some eggs and rushed off. She kissed her father goodbye, and happily jumped into the school bus. The day had started. 

Mr Robert successfully closed all the business deals for the day. He was happy. He has been doing some great work for the past few years, always by his discipline. He was hard working, and always taking one day at a time. It was time to pass on some wisdom..

Next day morning, Mr Robert and little Annie started off for the walk. Mr Robert carried a little bag and hid something in it. Annie was curious. She was peeping into the bag, but could not find whats in it. She kept walking.

After a sprint, they come to the point where the dry little plant was. It was still there. An out of shape, dried up, ready to fall apart - Aloe Vera plant. "Here baby, why don't you water this plant?" said father, taking a full bottle of water. "There you go". And passed a bottle full of water to the little girl. She was surprised, as no one ever watered the plants in the garden. She was happy nevertheless. She emptied the bottle of water with joy. And they walked back home.

The same routine continued for a week. Everyday, Annie and her father would go for an early morning walk. Annie excited to empty the bottle of water on the dried up Aloe Vera. It was sort of some relationship between Annie and the plant now. Annie was having a silent conversation with the plant everyday. She started loving this routine, to pour out the water to the Aloe Vera plant. 

After a week, Annie was shocked to see the plant. It was no longer dried up, no longer falling apart. In fact it was lush green and healthier than most of the plants in the garden. Annie started shouting with joy. "wow, papa, see" She exclaimed. This was a true moment of joy for the little girl. The father was proud. He was waiting to see this reaction on the girl. Finally, their routine paid off. 

"you see, Annie" continued her father "there are so many times in life, you are beaten down. Like the day you were down looking at the snake. You were terrified, isn't it? But you cannot be down in life, staring at the problem. However big the problem is, you must be bigger than that. Do you know why I asked you to go to school that day??" asked Mr Robert. "The snake was your problem. You were terrified. You were shocked. But that should not stop you from going about in life. Isn't it? You cannot skip your life, looking at the problems. You must just fight harder. You must be a fighter. And  this discipline is very important. Didn't you see what you did by watering the plant for a week? If you can repeat yourselves with focus on goals, not skipping the challenges in life because of problems you face, nothing is unachievable. The sun always rises, without an excuse. You too, must keep doing your work, without a break. And only such a displine can make you green in your life" he said, pointing at the green Aloe Vera. The little plant swayed to and fro, as if saying a big thank you to the father and daughter duo. 

Little Annie smiled, and hugged her father. "I ll remember, papa" she said. And they walk away..

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