Winning this life

How do you win this life? What is the purpose of life? How do you breach the barriers set by our own inhibitions? 

We cannot win the life in a whole. You cannot win a life by comparisons. You cannot win this life by saying 'I don't think I have it in me anymore'. Thats true. The only way you can win this life is by self belief and self assertion. You cannot win it in any other way.

I see many people wandering aimlessly, without a true purpose of their life. That is a very big problem. When the direction is not set, and the orientations not made, you just move around in circles having no clue where the life is hitting you. You need to BREAK THE CIRCLE AND MOVE IN THE DIRECTION OF YOUR DREAMS. Only then, you can also persevere on a purpose. 

Don't tell anyone that your day job is your dream. That just cannot be anyones dream, to work in a day job for another organisation which runs on a different dream. We are just part of the organisations workforce making the organisations dream a reality. I am not judging your loyalties, but however true you remain to your organisation, working in the day job at your organisation cannot be your dream. Even the founding members of companies have been ousted at the slightest differences in the organisation. History proves this, time and again.  So I believe working for an organisation wouldn't be your purpose if you want to make a difference in the world. You need to own up to something more meaningful. 

What qualifies a dream? I dont know. In fact, its more of an inner calling. DO NOT QUANTIFY DREAMS WITH MONEY. Money is needed to pay the bills, travel the world etc, but that does not necessarily buy happiness. Your dreams, your purpose is to make you realise your place in this world. Make you happy and peaceful about the difference you make in the lives of the people. So never quantify dreams with money. The equations just change when you remove money from the quotients. Life is so much more easier and happier when you remove money from the counts. For starters, there are millions of happy poor people around the world absolutely content and happy with their lives.  

There are people who take pride in the purpose to plant and grow trees for saving the future of this world for a greater good. That is absolute happiness. The joy of watching the trees grow and bond with your conscience. This person has a dream, makes a difference and he is happy, from eyes to toes. And he radiates this happiness all around, making this world a better place to live in. And no he does not equate it with money. But then, he is happy and at peace. Probably, he also works at a day job, but then thats only to pay the bills. The true calling is so much more peaceful. I doubt even the people posing with maserati on social media, showing a happy smiling face are truly happy within. They are not. They can never be. You can see it in their eyes. So do not chase money, chase dreams, Money would eventually follow, you see. The small plants today, may grow up into trees and bear the fruits, eventually. But as the scriptures say, never work for the fruit, thats not the purpose. The purpose is to plant the trees. The fruits are the results of your hard work. 

So, having come out of the circles and chasing a dream, there is one more thing you need to absolutely take into account to win this life. You cannot win a life in a day, in a month or probably in a year. Its a journey, never a destination. You cannot just win this life, by watching few motivational videos and hitting the dreams with force. No, that just doesn't work. It never works that way. You need to keep winning it day by day. Every day, you need to move a little. But you need to move in the direction of your dreams. Some days, you move more and some days you' ll move less. Thats ok. As long as you keep moving, thats all the need. Winning by force does not work. You can only win your life, by WINNING A DAY at a time. That needs hard work, discipline, and order. You need to absolutely balance your life, make adjustments, keep working on strategies and plans, and keep winning every single day. There is so much joy once you start winning your way, every day and slowly you become one with your dream. You keep moving ahead in the path of glory, and every single win keeps reinforcing the thoughts and actions towards the dreams. You may or may not reach the destination, but the purpose and the journey are truly exciting. 

May you win all your dreams, and stay happy forever! Life is so much simple.

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