Travel around the world

Do you ever think of travelling around the world? Have you ever planned or yearned to backpack and just go out and loose yourselves or whatever that means?

Well, there is only so much time and so much money that we all have to balance ourselves with. Lets not talk about the extraordinary people with multifaceted talents. For normal people, leading a normal life, this indeed could be quite a task.

How does one get to travel around the world, when you have so much at stake? An office to attend, responsibilities to fulfil, parents to take care of, children to tend to always? Would you be missing a part of your yearning for the subtle chaos of everyday life?

Longing for such a travel, but lost in the mundane dance, I stepped back. What inspired me to go for a travel? How did I come to a possibility of going for a world travel and what is my absolute motivation? Is the only motivation my friends feed from facebook, asking me to backpack and loose myself when everything else is at stake? or the stupid movies showing me the only way to self realise is the way of travel, to loose yourself and ultimately find the real you? Turns out, I quite know already what to do with my life and where to take it from here onwards. But then, where else is the motivation of this travel bug in me coming from?

I tried to do some kind of an empirical research and brain mapping. I was just being fed by the social media, movies, friends and relatives that the travel is the new thing. Man is by nature exploratory. Hence we need to explore and get going. We need to visit the same Miami beach everyone else is visiting, we need to take a vacation to Spain, we need to just let go and bo bo and do do blah blah. I was kind of sick listening to all of this. I see everyone in my office telling me stories of travel, showing me pictures of their adventures and happiness. I was going numb. May be, I was wanting to travel because everyone else is. Induced inspiration does not stay long.

Man is exploratory by nature. But this need not be limited to places alone. I now belong to the sect of people who think travel is only as per need. Not anything more. I recently met a person who travelled the world, with more than 20 countries he visited. He is now happily settled with his family, earning just what is needed by the family. I asked him if he misses his travels and journeys now, he says he is quite done with all the buzz of travelling. He is now happy that his feet are grounded, understands life has to bloom in one place, and content of leading a grateful life.

The world is more connected now, so we know of different places in the world we have to travel, must do things in world, cultural understandings etc. But there was a time when my grandparents lived. There was no communication, no connections with the outer world. How did they loose themselves or realise their true purpose. Does it mean, the generations of our grannies never understood what to do with their life, because they never crossed the boundaries of their village and thoughts?

The inner answer to such introspection gave me a shocking understanding. People before never travelled, but were quite content with their lives. They were being the best they could be, which is to be simple people leading simple but a beautiful life. There was a community of people around them, all unified in thoughts and decision. There was never a need to go out and seek the people or places you like. The new technologies have made communication easy, but understanding between the people very difficult. The friends list in an online social media can be running into thousands, but the inner ring of friends a person can associate with is turning out to be empty. People are just wandering around to get someone or something, that they like or be. Quite strange, isn't it?

There are many ways to travel this world. All methods do not involve a physical travel. Few people travel the world, by just learning from a person who has travelled the world. Few people travel the world by reading the experiences from a book. Few people travel the world, by looking into the eyes of their parents and caring for them. Few people travel the world, by just holding and loving their children. And few people travel the world, by travelling within oneself. Now, isn't it a beautiful way to travel?

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